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History of Community Action in Southern Oklahoma & Our Agency

Most Southeastern Oklahoma Counties started their “War on Poverty" individually in 1965.  

  • In 1969, ten counties were consolidated into a single entity.
  • Indian Nation Community Action Foundation, Inc. 
    • Atoka, Bryan, Carter, Coal, Garvin, Johnston, Love, Marshall, Murray, and Pontotoc Counties
  • The Indian Nation Community Action Agency’s ten counties had a population  of approximately 165,000 people and covered approximately 7,000 square miles, the largest in the state of Oklahoma. 
  • The enormous size created many problems, such as coordination efforts and attempting to generate community support that is so vital to it’s success.
  • So on January 31, 1972, Bryan, Carter, Coal, Love, and Pontotoc Counties were incorporated into the Big Five Community Services.
    • Indian Nations Community Action covered Atoka, Garvin, Johnston, Marshall, and Murray Counties.
  • In 1974, the Indian Nations Community Action was retitled to be INCA Community Services, Inc. 
    • ???????The name change was due to public confusion about where the program was for Indians only.
    • In 1979 Garvin County withdrew and became an independent county.
  • Today INCA’s Community Service area is: 
    • Atoka, Johnston, Marshall, and Murray 
    • INCA also provides services in the following counties:
      • Carter, Bryan, Choctaw, Coal, Garvin, Pittsburg, Pontotoc, and Pushmataha