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Federal Administrative Procedures
Monitoring, Suspension, Termination, Denial of Refunding, Reduction in Funding, and their Appeals 

  • 1304.1 Purpose
  • 1304.2 Monitoring
  • 1304.3 Suspension with notice
  • 1304.4 Emergency suspension without advance notice
  • 1304.5 Termination and denial of refunding
  • 1304.6 Appeal for prospective delegate agencies
  • 1304.7 Legal fees

Designation Renewal

  • 1304.10 Purpose and scope
  • 1304.11 Basis for determining whether a Head Start agency will be subject to an open competition
  • 1304.12 Grantee reporting requirements concerning certain conditions
  • 1304.13 Requirements to be considered for designation for a five-year period when the existing grantee in a community is not determined to be delivering a high-quality and comprehensive Head Start program and is not automatically renewed
  • 1304.14 Tribal government consultation under the Designation Renewal System for when an Indian Head Start grant is being considered for competition
  • 1304.15 Designation request, review and notification process
  • 1304.16 Use of CLASS: Pre-K instrument in the Designation Renewal System

Selection of Grantees through Competition

  • 1304.20 Selection among applicants

Replacement of American Indian and Alaska Native Grantees 

  • 1304.30 Procedure for identification of alternative agency
  • 1304.31 Requirements of alternative agency
  • 1304.32 Alternative agency—prohibition

Head Start Fellows Program

  • 1304.40 Purpose
  • 1304.41 Fellows Program