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Financial and Administrative Requirements
Financial Requirements  

  • Other requirements
  • Federal financial assistance, non-federal match, and waiver requirements
  • Limitations on development and administrative costs

Administrative Requirements 

  • Limitations and prohibitions
  • Insurance and bonding

Protections for the Privacy of Child Records 

  • Establishing procedures
  • Program procedures – applicable confidentiality provisions 
  • Disclosures with, and without, parental consent
  • Parental rights
  • Maintaining records

Delegation of Program Operations

  • Grantee responsibility and accountability
  • Determining and establishing delegate agencies
  • Evaluations and corrective actions for delegate agencies
  • Termination of delegate agencies


  • Approval of previously purchased facilities
  • Eligibility to purchase, construct, and renovate facilities
  • Use of grant funds to pay fees
  • Applications to purchase, construct, and renovate facilities
  • Cost-comparison to purchase, construct, and renovate facilities
  • Recording and posting notices of federal interest
  • Contents of notices of federal interest
  • Grantee limitations on federal interest
  • Protection of federal interest in mortgage agreements
  • Third party leases and occupancy arrangements
  • Subordination of the federal interest
  • Insurance, bonding, and maintenance
  • Copies of documents
  • Record retention
  • Procurement procedures
  • Inspection of work


  • Vehicles
  • Vehicle operation
  • Trip routing
  • Safety procedures
  • Children with disabilities